Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wevva is cold but full of interesting smells

It's dus be cold ere since December 18 and I as bin enjoyin da snow n da smells wot are much stronga wen it dus be cowld.
Today we dus go to Forge Valley nere to West Ayton and walked fur a long tyme. We clymed up da hill and Mr S ad to mayk a stik for Joolsie cos she did keep slydin off da paff. Wen we got to da top Mr S did put da lead bak on me cos he sed I want trustwervy enuf. I dint mynd cos the smells did be luvly up dere.
I gayzd at da black clowds in da Norf from da car on da way ome. Wen we wuz avin our lunch big sno flayks started flowtin past da window. I did predict dat!
I spent da afta nune snoozin on Mr S and den did decree dat I wusn't goin out fur a walk cuz it wuz too orrible. So I ad my dina served earlee :)
I ave a bad feelin abowt tomorrow thow. Mr S keeps talkin abowt Joolsie goin to werk wych I fink is a bad fing for me. He ses I will sulk, woteva that is!

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  1. Hi Lady Boo,

    So many of us have Blogs, us Borders are just so tech savvy! Love your posts!

    Jake and Zoe