Wednesday, 25 November 2009

OW - Slysd mai pad on mai paw

Diz be a piktyor of mai paw from wen I did cut the tip ov mai pad off. It bleeded all ova dere white carpetz but coz I woz in shok dey djust cleenz it up an lukt afta me. I wuz stil shaykin wen Joolsie caym ome frum wurk so she cudded me all nyt, evun on dere bed.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sleeping arrangements

We all know dat sleepin arrangements be important. I dus make shure dat our's meet evree wun's needs. I as phree beds, wun be a wikka fing wot stays in da livin rume; annuva be a beenbag in the hyoomuns bedrume and da fird be their bed :) I helps keeps dem comfy an sayfe at nite. Day be very graytful.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Byn off lyn laytlee

Ello evree wun,
Sorry I ave not byn very commoonicative laytlee. I ave to kyoo for the compyoota and them hyoomans ave byn hoggin it laytlee.
They say they ave byn cleening the hard dryvup, not shure I beleev them tho!
And now, I am beein chucked off agayn, what can I do?
More layta (hopefullee)
Lady Boo Fweep x