Sunday, 13 December 2009

Feeling spruced

Last night I saw the aurora in the sky. Joolsie took me out specially to see it. Today i have been out for a walk in the rain and seen a full rainbow arcing across the sky.
And this afternoon I have been thoroughly groom with a slicker brush, then a comb, then a flea comb, then a brush. I am very soft and pretty. Joolsie also smoothed some smelly stuff on me to make me smell nice.
But I didn't get any roast pork, so I've had a sulk too.
Now I'm sleeping in my been bag while they play on the poota
They say in a week we can be together all the time again - yippee say I. But it never lasts and Joolsie always ends up going away for the day in the week.

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