Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Time well spent

Bein as it is arf term, Joolsie is alowd to take er olidaze. So she as been off dis week afta Eesta speshully to play wiv Impi. We ave had sum lovely walks regardless of da wevva. I as also spent a lot of time snuggled up wiv Joolsie, on da bed, on da sofa, in mai beanbag. We ave been owt in da car too, which I dussn't much like, but I dus like da speshul walks we get at da end of da jurney.
I ave bin watchin Mr S tryin owt lots of nu resipees for Joolsie while she as bin off werk, in ope that he wud drop sum of the bits on da flore for the resident cleena to tidy away, but mostly e as bin very neet and efishunt.
Dey as got a nu pizza cuka today, so dere is promise of sumfing taysty layta on today I opes.

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